Quynh Tran Le - 05/2011

I was at my 4th day in my Jordan trip for 5 of us from Vietnam. Answering to Palestine governmen’s invitation, we got to Ramallah to attend Palestine disaster memorial on May 15, 2011, but unfortunately, until this moment, we were still stuck in Amman, Jordan’s capital city.

The trip had been throughoutly planned: we take off from Hanoi in May 10, reach Amman in May 11th afternoon, after many customs procedures, we are granted entry to Jordan, ready for 6th day, May 13 we get to Palestine. But thing didn’t go according to plans as some members of our group had sensed beforehand. But it didn’t stop us departed from Hanoi to get to Palestine, the country of adversities, to see with our own eyes, touch with our hands on the lives of nationless people…

And so the days went, after breakfast, we reporters gathered to discuss matters and get worried together, waiting on our heels for our incoming visa from Palestine government.

Tomorrow… Tomorrow is what we count everyday and hope and hope then hope some more. We put our hope on the phone that would ring anytime. But it seemed like saint Allah still want to challenge us…

In the meantime, gunshots, reporters’ voice, images from Palestinian demonstrations in Rericho, Ramallah came from Al Jazeera TV channel all the time….

May 15th afternoon, after a quick discussion, we decided to take a walk around Amman instead of waiting around in the hotel. Taking our steps through the peaceful streets of Amman, we stumbled upon an Islam temple, and the very kind host, after learning that we were form Vietnam, invited us in for a praying session.

After the 15-minute session, the host againly warmly welcomed us for tea and discussed about Palestine matters.

While the discussion heated up, our phones interrupted the flow. We held our breaths as we picked them up… Hopes up and disappointed yet again. Ambassador Saadi told us with regrets that visa process was still not finished yet. He had truly wished to bring us to his country, to the land where stories were waiting, longing to be told,… but many efforts couldn’t be carried out, despite the Paletine’ wholly trust in Allah…

We finally hit the road on Tuesday, May 17th. We felt so happy the moment Ambassador Saadi Salama announced that we could now get our visas.