Samba dancers and the journey to living the dream


Winning 5 World Cup titles and being the only country that participates all of the World Cup events in history, Brazil is proud to be the host of World Cup 2014. To the Brazilians, the golden cup is what only matters now to them, the rest is probably less comparable. Millions of football fans of the land of Samba just can’t wait to see the World Cup with a fiery dream of winning the title right on their home stadium.


The year 2014 marks a return of World Cup to Brazil after 64 years. Brazilians are not the only fans who are getting hyped but also millions of fans around the globe anticipating the most exciting country in Latin America, summer 2014.

In Vietnam, a South East Asian country half around the Earth away from Brazil is also catching the heat. Starting out from the copyright purchases, it’s clear the football fans in Vietnam are going to watch live 64 matches of World Cup tonight.

Besides, there’s also a lot of football fans who yearn to watch the games first-hand the aura of football in a Latin America country such as Brazil.

However, it is very challenging to go on a journey from Vietnam in South East Asia to a distant Latin American country like Brazil this summer.

In response, travel companies and airlines have joined the case to help out. However, it’s difficult to find a flight from Vietnam to Brazil as there’s no flight between Vietnam and Latin America. Therefore, the best solution is to fly on airlines that have appropriate transits with quality for a 30-hour flight.

One of the few airlines that have a direct flight from Vietnam is Turkish Airlines. With a direct flight from Ho Chi Minh City to Istanbul and a direct transit to São Paolo, Turkish Airlines is the best solution for Vietnamese football fans to travel to Brazil this summer.


On the other hand, travel companies are also quick to organize football tours alongside with sightseeing trips in Brazil. Tickets run out swiftly as the slots are limited.


To avoid the rush hour, many Vietnamese tourists have decided to arrive and visit the Latin American country before the official inaugural day.

As we can see, the hype of World Cup is heating up day by day in Brazil. The countdown is closing in the moment in Copacabana beach, and the fans around the world, including Vietnam, has chosen their way to mingle with the inaugural in Maracanã Stadium in Rio de Janiero.

With fortune and effort, the TAJ news team has arrived in Brazil days before the opening day and has been able to enjoy the hype themselves as well as bringing it to the viewers in Vietnam.

May 2014.


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