On November 11th, 2000, the historic meeting of the former President of the United States Bill Clinton had opened a new era of the diplomatic relationship between the United States of America and the Socialist Republic of Vietnam. From here, we have seen new developments in the bilateral trades and welfare, and education also plays a significant role.

Starting out with only 800 international students studying in the USA in 1995, the number sky rocketed to 14.000 in 16 years and ranked 9th as one of the countries that has most students studying in the US.

Ho Phu Quoc is one of them, and he earned a full-ride scholarship from Princeton University of 51.000 dollars. According to the newest ranking from US News and World Report, one of three biggest weekly newspaper in the US, Princeton is now ranked as the #1 University, superceding Harvard. Quoc is among the students that exemplify Vietnamese students capable of taking on prestigious universities in the US and in the world.

This is one of the main topic we want to discuss during our trip to the US, a world-class educational environment.

We would like to introduce you a professor we met during the journey who has a faithful love in Vietnam and has been researching about Vietnam for years. He is willing to share his knowledge with Vietnamese students and also bring American students to Vietnam. A story of a professor at Portland University and Texas Tech Univerisity; a portrait of a caring and loving teacher who looks out for the future of pedagogy in Vietnam.

Meet Professor Marcus, an amiable friend to international students, especially Vietnamese students.

“Every country in this world, including America, is influenced by others. So, all students need to have a deep understanding of how the world affects and connects individuals. There are two ways to do this. First, studying abroad. Second, attracting international students to come here and share about their lives, cultures, and ways of thinking with us.” Prof. Marcus said.

Although he has travelled and worked in 80 countries, he always insists on one thing: that he was a Vietnamese in his previous life.

Exceeding what defines a University, Portland is currently an epitome of success to students and itself. It brings not only mere knowledge but also valuable experiences from top professors of the school and also renowned enterprises in the world. That is just one of the differences that Portland creates the most extraordinary individuals of the US and the world.

The other University that we had a chance to visit was the Texas Technology University. Although located in the middle of a scorching desert, it’s one of the top Universities in the US with the modern environment for studying technology, a desirable place for international students. That desire comes trues with many Vietnamese students who earned scholarships from the US government. We can feel the desire to commit to development of Vietnam, their home country, among the students we met here. We can feel the love and passion inside them as they utilize every time, experience, study opportunity about the University that they are studying in.

The initial confusions have been superceded by the excitement and admiration of the experiences of studying in a world-class education in the world.

Amid the semesters and holidays, the students will have the opportunity with their companions to experience living in a diverse, multicultural, and intellectual country like the US; from rural to urban areas; from small meetings to cultural exchange fairs.

We hope that our sharing about the two top universities of the US, Portland and Texas Tech, will be helpful in guiding young and aspired students who are still deciding their path.

Le Tran Quynh

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