Coincidentally and also very surprised when I was a part of the program ” Future Wings – Discover Japan ” is a free tour , learning and practical experience student life in Japan within 7 days the Campus brand , under the Trade Co., Ltd. Kokuyo Vietnam dedicated to the students of Vietnam.

I, a member of TAJ Company  Vietnam, can actually reach my dream, a sense of delight mixed with joy and happiness when I put my feet in this place at the first time . Japan is known to be a country that suffered severe damage of natural disasters, especially earthquakes and tsunamis. Yet the people here are always confident and full of life energy . Not only that, Japan was a country renowned for education, culture, history and the achievements of science and technology, … Coming to Japan , we are not out of admiration for a healthy environment and clean magically . Its miracles stem from the consciousness of the Japanese people . They have very good sense in protecting the environment and observance of traffic rules. Also, the attitude of the sellers, behavior in daily life , in the work of the Japanese people are making these people feel exposed . Japanese special are hospitable. When we arrived, they greeted us warmly, welcomed us kindly and politely. When we leave, they leave us a sincere love that deeply, that we always remember them and love them even more.

Nhat Ban_01

Tokyo – Capital of Japan, one of the biggest, most popular city in the world

After about 6 hours on a plane, we landed at Haneda Airport in the capital Tokyo, officially began the first experience in the Sunrise country. What makes me surprise is the polite to bow to each other in Japanese communication. You feel always respected, welcome and were very friendly everywhere. After gathering, we crew along the subway station and the hotel. In Japan, the main means people are choosing to move are subways. However, it’s easy to get lost or even go to another province if you do not accustomed to, because there are many roads and interwoven station. Therefore, everybody in group were prompted to try to come together and support each other in order to avoid stray from the group.

Nhat Ban_02

Shinkasen Bullet Train station

The next day, we left the hotel and departure to visit the show room to Shinagawa of Kokuyo . This is one of the leading corporations in Japan to produce stationery products and office furniture. Currently, Kokuyo has over 30 subsidiary companies worldwide. Here, we had visited the office, where the idea arose and design of company products. In addition, there are some brief introduction about the company and the product line that the company is producing.

Nhat Ban_03

Sophia University – Chiyoda District – Tokyo

Continuing the journey , after 15 minutes subway ride , we were at Sophia University . This is a private university located near Yotsuya Station , Chiyoda district of Tokyo . Sophia is one of the leading universities in Japan and is known for its international environment . The name of the school , ” Sophia ” , derived from a Greek word which means ” wisdom ” ( Wisdom ) . The school has strong views about language training , humanities and recruit a large number of international students compared with other universities . However , due to its location in central Tokyo, so few Vietnamese students choose this school by expensive fee . Ends trips Sophia University , we were going to go to airport for next trip to Nagoya .

Nagoya is one of 15 major Japanese cities , ranks 3rd in terms of economic growth . Located on the Pacific coast , in the Chubu region of Honshu island center , this is the administrative center of Aichi Prefecture and was dubbed the ” city of the Samurai .” Here, we are going to visit Nagoya University, also known as the University of Nagoya . This is the 5th prestigious universities in Japan and 92 in the world ranking. Schools are also very popular here as there are 4 professors received the Nobel Prize, 1706 teachers including 649 professors , 507 associate professors . Currently the school has about 15,000 students, including more than 1,300 international students from 78 countries studying here.

Also, we cannot help but admire, surprised to be visiting the exhibitors of the school and learned a lot of great inventions in health, science and technology has spawned from this school. Leaving Nagoya University, we went with faces still regret due to not have time to explore all of the school and the great achievements of the human talent of the school has brought to society. We wished to have dated back here for study and research in schools with many badges of achievements.

Nhat Ban_04

Trường đại học Nogoya

The next day, continue to move about 2 hours by plane from Nagoya airport to Fukuoka airport, we entered the new journey to Apu College. To the airport, we must continue to move more than 2 hours by bus to school. Upon arrival, front of my eyes is the romantic and gorgeous scene of the Apu. Because the school is located on a high mountain, is separated from the city, so the air here is very fresh and quiet. Humans are learnt and enjoyed the natural scenery. Standing from here, you can also enjoy the panoramic view towards the city of Beppu foothills. Beppu City is between mountains and sea, here masses a lot of hot springs and very popular with Japanese style Onsen bath.

Nhat Ban_05

A view of Beppu city, Oita Province, where Onsen baths are with denset numbers

APU University was founded in 1/4/2000 in Beppu City, Oita province, Kyushu, one of Japan’s four main islands. Kyushu Island in the southwest, is considered the gateway to Asia Japan views. This is the University of Ritsumeikan Education Group – one of the group’s most prestigious educational Japan with the school system from primary to postgraduate, and is considered the group brought ideological education Japan’s most innovate. We learned from Japanese teacher the art of flower arranging from Japan. Everyone is very excited and eager to get direct practice flower arrangement. After completing our product, we brought it come home as memories. This is also an interesting experience to practice flower arrangement taught by enthusiastic teachers.

Nhat Ban_06

Asia Pacific University (APU) – Beppu – Oita – Japan

After visiting the school , the group traveled by bus to the city of Beppu Onsen baths to experience . Beppu is considered the ” capital of the hot springs ” in Japan with hot water underground world ‘s second largest, after Yellowstone in the United States . At the time, I did not really know what is Onsen but never talk about is how the Onsen baths. I asked our guides and he said in Japanese, ” Onsen ” meaning ” hot springs ” . Onsen bath is soaking in hot springs at temperatures of about 40 degrees C. Everyone will share a pool bathroom together. When down in pool, we have naked , then a relaxing soak . Of course, swimming pools for men and women are separated . I was extremely surprised by this new culture.

As general pool so I have a bath before entering. Warm waters flooded body, massage on every part of the body, it was very comfortable and pleasant. It felt like everything fatigue disappear. A new body is being reconstructed, more tension filled life. By this time I understand why Japanese people prefer such Onsen baths. It seems all the worry, sorrow was forgotten, everyone becomes healthier. Through research, I learned that this Osen bath not only to relax but also can treat many more patients. This way storied bath is “the secret of health and beauty” of the Japanese famous for the minerals to be absorbed into the body, helping to dispel any fatigue, stress. This dip in temperature, the immune system will also be enhanced, contributing to building a healthy body, shortness of infection.

The next day , we drive up the tension filled with vitality after Onsen bath experience unique style of Japanese and not from regret having to break up the school with the natural scenery of this beautiful and majestic . Flight to Tokyo, the tour ends universities, as well as who is regretful because there is not much time to discover more about the places they visited. Everyone seemed to trip forever, forever to have more time to learn more.

Nhat Ban_07

Hot baths as called Onsen” in Japanese, they have numerous interesting colors likeblue, red, yellow, pink, blue.

Nhat Ban_08

Steam from Osen baths is also used for heating, cooking, Sake wine, even Miso cooking!

The last day before coming back to Vietnam, we have a day to relax , have fun and go shopping in Tokyo . It took more than 1 hour travel by subway to get from the hotel to the market at Haneda to Shibuya. This is the commercial center of the famous Shibuya district, located near Shibuya station , one of the busiest railway stations of Tokyo . Shibuya is known as the fashion centers of Japan, particularly for young people . You can admire this fashion shops stretching from north to Harajuku Station Shibuya – where youth culture reigns; Omotesando ; and finally Sendagaya , popular areas with apparel stores . I also bought some furniture enlist as a gift for family and friends.

Nhat Ban_09

Shibuya – shopping kingdom for youngsters

Japan is wonderful and it has left in me a deep impression after this short trip though! Therefore, I always hope and relentless efforts to have a second chance to return to the this beautiful sunrise country. I dream that, in the future, there are not only the opportunity to learn more about the culture , education , human, natural landscape of Japan but also may explore the others culture , education, people and human landscape in the world.

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